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Jesus in Las Vegas

An Iraqi vet, off her meds, kidnaps a Jesus impersonator and takes him into the desert.
Things do not go well.

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American Royals

A young couple, fresh off the boat from England, seek fortune in the brand new & unsettled America. A multi-generational saga of the family behind a major international corporation.

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Party at the Garden of Allah

Party at the Garden of Allah Summer 1934: Hollywood. A costume party is planned. No one shows up but an aging silent movie star & two young seamstresses. Tempers flare & one thing leads to another. A gun is fired; a body falls to a chaise.  Who is responsible & how best to handle the situation? Blackmail seems like a good idea. And it almost works.

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American Jihad - A Rashomon in Kansas

We are in Kansas. A clinic is bombed. A young girl is killed. The events are retold from three different points of view: The girl, her father, and a bi-sexual Christian Pop Rock performer. An orange jumpsuit clad man serves as our narrator of sorts.

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Gloria Steinem & Lotte Lenya & Scout are Waiting

Gloria Steinem & Lotte Lenya & Scout are Waiting

Three dogs are waiting in a shelter (NOT a no kill shelter), hoping to be adopted. The least likely one gets her wish.

Commissioned by the Union Women Actors' Coalition, this award-winning short play has been performed across the country. 

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Young Brit Orhan - half Turkish & half black - finds himself incarcerated as a terrorist for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. An exploration of the deep-rooted complications of being mixed race in a culture that defines everything as "us" against "them".

Produced as part of the 2012 ReOrient Festival at Golden Thread Productions.

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